Becoming an Effective Precinct Delegate

Precinct Delegates are also called county convention delegates, and that is what they are: delegates who represent their voting precinct at their party’s county conventions.

In election years, delegates at teh state party convention elect delegates to the national party convention. It is the delegates at the national party convention who select the party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees. So the process of selecting nominees for the highest offices in the nation begins with the election of Precinct Delegates.

The process is similar for statewide offices such as Attorney General, Secretary of State, and so forth. They are selected at state party conventions, made up of delegates selected by Precinct Delegates at county conventions.

At the conventions, in addition to selecting delegates to state conventions, Precinct Delegates fill vacancies caused by delegates who resign or move away, and sometimes they adopt resolutions supporting candidates or policies.

Precinct Delegates are the backbone of the Republican Party. They are the eyes, ears, arms, and legs of the Republican Party in your precinct. Precinct Delegates identify the Republicans in their precincts and make srue to get them out to the polls on Election Day. You are a Precinct Delegate – You can make as much of it as you choose.