County Commissioners


Commissioners serve two-year terms. (Commissioner terms expire December 31, 2016) Elections are held in November of even-numbered years. They elect a chair and vice-chair in January.

Primary functions include:

  • Develop / adopt annual County budget.
  • Develop / approve County policy.
  • Monitor County expenditures.
  • Adopt equalization of tax assessments.
  • Set pay of elected officials, appointed officials and county employees.
  • Appoint members to boards and committees.
  • Review / adopt grants.
  • Establish new programs and terminate existing ones.
  • Assist local units of government.
The 2017-2018 County Commissioners
The 2017-2018 County Commissioners

District 1:  Kathy-Sue Dunn (R)
District 2: Carla Reynolds (D)
District 3: Jake W. Smith (D)
District 4:  Steve Frisbie (R)
District 5: Derek King (R)
District 6: Vic Potter (R)
District 7: Gary Thompkins (R)